Lights, Camera, Kazakhstan!
Your Next Cinematic Destination
Journey Through the Heart of Eurasia

This year, Kazakhcinema presents a stand at the Marche du Film for the first time.

We are waiting for you at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès Cannes, Palais 1, booth No. 23.05.


Don't miss the opportunity to discover the vast potential that Kazakhstan offers!

Hello from Kazakhstan!

Since 2019, Kazakhcinema has been the single operator for all cinema endeavors in Kazakhstan. Kazakhcinema offers 30% cash back, promotes international co-productions and opens up Kazakhstan to international collaborations and partnerships.

Kazakhstan is the largest country in the world that does not have direct access to the World Ocean. Most of the country's territory is deserts - 44% and semi-deserts - 14%. Steppes occupy 26% of the area of ​​Kazakhstan, forests - 5.5%.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary state with the presidential system of government. Under the Constitution, Kazakhstan is a democratic, secular, legal and social state which recognizes the man, his life, rights and freedoms as the supreme values of the country.

There are 8.5 thousand rivers in the country. The northeastern part of the Caspian Sea is included in the republic borders. The Aral Sea is divided between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
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