Lights, Camera, Kazakhstan!
Your Next Cinematic Destination
Unified operator for:
  • Providing state support in the form of financing of film projects
  • Financing dubbing into the Kazakh language of children's animated films and films for family viewing imported into the territory of the
    Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Payment of subsidies in the field of cinematography up to 30% (rebate)
Payment of the subsidy
Unified operator for:
  • Services related to the production of a film (or part thereof):

    hiring actors and crew;

    for insurance of equipment and crew members;

    on the use of transport, including special ones;

    for rental of residential premises;

    for renting premises;

    for renting animals;

  • Goods related to the production of the film (or part thereof):

    equipment, software, materials for creating scenery, fuels and lubricants;

    costumes, props, makeup and pyrotechnics;

  • Works on creating scenery related to the production of a film
    (or part thereof)