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Eurasia International Film Festival

Eurasia International Film Festival is a big cultural project that very much contributes to the dynamic economic, political and social development of Kazakhstan, that establishes the dialogue between different cultures despite the multiple languages and that widens the spiritual connections with foreign countries.

Date 1- 7 July, Astana

The Baiqonyr International Short Film Festival

Mission - promote the development of cinema, support talented authors and integrate Kazakh culture into the global film community
1. motivation of young talents of Kazakhstan to new achievements;
2. strengthening international relations;
3.attracting the attention of international experts;

Date 7-11 September, Almaty

“Bastau” (Beginning) International Student and Debut Film Festival

“Bastau” held in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, aims to develop international cooperation and a cultural exchange between young filmmakers from all around the world. The program is international with 3 main competitions: full length fiction films (1-2 films in the director's filmography), shorts competition (fiction, animation, doc) and full length doc competition.

Dates of the 12th edition in 2024 to be announced

League of Cinematographers of Kazakhstan

Participation in working groups on amendments to the Cinematography Law - specific proposals for development and public financing.

Development of an international direction: connections between Kazakhstan’s cinema and other countries.
Search for financing and investment in cinema infrastructure.

The Film Critics Association of Kazakhstan is an independent organization comprising leading experts in film criticism and journalism. Established in 2015, the association has been actively engaged in its mission ever since. One of its primary responsibilities is overseeing the annual Critics’ Choice Awards, which are designed to provide a professional evaluation of the film industry in Kazakhstan.

  • Supporting Kazakh filmmakers and promoting Kazakh cinema both domestically and internationally
  • Informing audiences about domestic films released each year
  • Compiling an annual rating of Kazakh films released in theaters, streamed online, or screened at film festivals
  • Reviewing domestic films and series for Kazakhstan’s major media outlets (TV, print, and web)
  • Organizing month-long screenings of the most significant Kazakh films of each year leading up to the Critics’ Choice Awards
  • Hosting the annual Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony, where Kazakh films from the previous year are recognized across 14 categories.