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Incentive Program

A subsidy in the film industry is provided to a foreign legal entity on a basis of agreement and if the amount of investments is not less than one hundred and thirty thousand times the Monthly Calculation Index set by the law “On Republican Budget”. The Index is revised every year (KZT 2651 for 2020).

A subsidy is provided by reimbursing up to 30% of the cost of goods, works and services related to the film production in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Foreign film production company should sign an agreement or contract on the incentives provision with Kazakh Сinema


Fill in an application

The application must be certified by the signature of the individual or by the seal of the legal entity as well as the signature of its head.

The electronic document file must be in one of the following formats: PDF, DOC/DOCX, TIF/TIFF, JPG/JPEG. The original and scanned document format is A4 (210 x 297 mm) with 100% image scale and black-and-white scanning color scheme.

The content of the scanned document should be easy-to-read both on monitor screen and on paper.

Archiving files is mandatory. For archiving use programs: WinRar, WinZip. The size of the archive sent by e-mail should not exceed 15Mb.

Attach the archived file to this form or send it to: with the note "Request for Subsidies".

What are the conditions of eligibility for a project?

The main conditions to receive 30% cash-rebate are following: 1) the amount of the investment (minimum spend) must be not less than 850K USD; 2) the production of a film (or its part) must occur on the territory of Kazakhstan; 3) the investor (applicant) must be a foreign legal entity (as a direct recipient of the rebate).

What kind of projects can receive cash rebate?

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, feature-length films, documentaries and television series.

What are the eligible expenses for cash rebate?

Generally, all expenses directly related to production of an audiovisual project incurred on the territory of Kazakhstan, including services of local production companies and other services.

When shall I apply for a cash rebate?

All applications must be submitted before March 1st.

When is the applicant informed on the result of the application?

A project is eligible if it meets the basic conditions mentioned above. It can take maximum up to 1 month to review the application.

How do I apply?

The application form can be found here or you can contact us at

Must a certain percentage of crew be residents of Kazakhstan?

No, as long as above conditions are met, there are no restrictions.

What are the conditions to get repayment of the cash rebate?

After signing the Kazakh Cinema Subsidy Agreement, an applicant can start production of an audiovisual product in Kazakhstan. Upon completion of production, submission of financial and production report is mandatory to approve the cash rebate. The reports are evaluated by Kazakh Cinema Center (Financial Department) and the Ministry of Culture & Sports. When all requirements are met and approved, the cash rebate will be transferred to the Investor (applicant) based on the agreement they signed.

List of documents

List of documents

1) Application form

2) Certificate of Incorporation of the foreign legal entity;

3) Constituent documents of the foreign legal entity;

4) Letter of Intent from the Investor (foreign legal entity);

5) Proof of Funds

6) Supporting materials (synopsis/script, visual materials (presentation, mood-board), budget, director’s vision, production schedule in Kazakhstan, etc.).

Notarized translation into Kazakh or Russian should go along with documents and materials in a foreign language.

Submitted documents and materials are not to be reviewed and returned.

If any questions, please, contact: with the note "Request for Subsidies".