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It is impossible to imagine a modern film industry without large-scale projects with extensive geography and a constant change of locations. Thousands of filmmakers worldwide are looking for unique locations to make their wildest ideas come true. However, searches are not limited to landscapes. Each producer is looking for the most favorable conditions for filming that can be
provided in a particular country.

In 2019, Kazakhstan passed the Cinematography Law which promotes large-scale changes in film industry of the country, in particular creation of a rebate system, that is, a refund of 30% of the invested funds.





Simultaneously, five regional film commissions are being created in Kazakhstan (the first of them has set to operations in Almaty City). This organization makes it possible to obtain permits for filming, finding filming crews directly in this region, moving them to hotels, planning logistics and so on. That is, the film commission helps arrange filming in all aspects.

Currently, the Cinema Center is a part of the International Association of Film Commissions (AFCI) - a worldwide network of more than 360 commissions from 40 countries.

Today, a number of major production companies from Russia, India, France and China have shown interest in the production of films and TV shows in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan’s Film Industry in Overview


Rebate procedure in Kazakhstan