Cinema Projects Approved in 2019

On August 28, 2019 the meeting of the Cross-Agency Commission regarding the state financial support of the national films was held. The meeting summarized the results of the first competitive selection of the cinema projects carried out by the State Centre for Support of National Cinema.

Following the results of competition, the state financing had been provided to 17 cinema projects, among which are 11 films of social importance, including the documentary films such as ‘The Return of the Teacher’ and ‘Turkestan - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, as well as feature films such as ‘The Boxer’, ‘The Time of Patriots’, ‘The Choice’, ‘The Life’, ‘Kazhymukan’, ‘Teaching Ademoka’, ‘At the Start’, ‘Tyrnalar’, and ‘Hardcore’. The Commission’s members selected a debut cinema project ‘Fire’, co-produced films ‘Akyn’ and ‘The Blind Love’, and also three fiction films aimed at the general audience such as ‘Offline Holidays-2’, ‘Nartai’ and ‘The Salvage in the Steppe’ as well.

Please find below the more detailed list. Download version may be also get via the Open Government portal.

Feature films 

The Time of Patriots
Atlas Entertainment LLP
Produced by Akbar Kurmanbayev, Assel Sagi.
Written by Akbar Kurmanbayev, Dmitry Aleinikov.
The Time of Patriots is a story of two blood brothers being in family conflict and in the meantime loyally serving in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sultan (34) is a Major leading the detachment of Special Forces Unit, who has recently lost his wife and now is raising the son on his own, but at that, he performs the dangerous assignments not realizing the risks to the full degree; Bekzat (27) is a talented pilot in the rank of Senior Lieutenant serving in the military base ‘Ulytau’ near Karagandy and trying to prove to this elder brother that he is worth of something. When the motherland is highly exposed, the circumstances make them to unite for saving the human lives, and finally, they understand that the Motherland and the family are the core value that they have.

The Boxer
Satai film LLP
Produced by Svetlana Nam. Directed by Akhan Satayev.
Written by Timur Zhaksylykov, Almira Tursyn (her pseudonym), Akhan Satayev.
Serik Sapiyev is a two-time World Boxing Champion sitting in the looker-room, preparing and making up his mind for the most important fight in his life. Trying to labour, he is warming up and walking down memory lane how it all began. He revisits to his very childhood to Abai settlement, where his father brought him to the boxing section for the first time, his first fights, losses and wins. The hard work, the coach’s lessons always payoff: international wins, international recognition, his country’s great hopes, and his и own dream lead him to the only not won prize – the Olympic Gold. In 2008, he goes to Beijing in order to achieve his dream: to win the Olympic Gold. However, the inflated expectations, moral coercion, his own emotion play a dirty trick on him: he suffers a crushing defeat. Serik thinks over retiring from sports. But the belief and support of his close people, his dream still do not go out of his mind, and he returns for the only purpose: he shall win the Olympic Gold at any sacrifice. And after 4 years of more hard trainings, he is here and now preparing to try himself, his fate. Could he achieve his goal and dream?!

BozokFilm LLP
Produced by Eldar Alim.
Directed by Kanagat Mustafin.
Written by Kanagat Mustafin, Zhanat Kassabekov
The film will narrate about the most notable events of the Kazakh fighter’s biography. The story line will be based not only on Kazhymukan’s sports achievements, but also love, money, fame, misery and many other that the batyr had to come through in his life. Kazhymukan Munaitpassov is a World Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion among the professionals, the first Kazakh to become a Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion, multi-time winner of world, regional, Russian, as well as all-union Greco-Roman Wrestling championships in the super heavyweight category.

The Choice
Tursunov Film LLP
Produced by Kanat Torebai.
Directed by Yermek Tursynov.
Written by Yermek Tursynov.
The action takes place in aul. Present day. Two old men and old woman leave in the distant aul. Sometime ago they both loved her in the early youth. But she married their third friend, who died many years ago. Now they all three are friends, but the old men couldn’t help arguing. They argue in a kindly way, one could say, even funny. They have nothing to share, but they still compete with each other for the old woman. They come to her separately and help her with the household. Then they drink tea with her and discuss the hot news in the country and world. Their discussions seem to be usual, which are held in each kitchen. All of them are of course the ‘big’ experts in the politics and sports. They cheer for Golovkin.

The Life
Emir Baigazin production LLP
Produced by Emir Baigazin.
Directed by Emir Baigazin.
Written by Emir Baigazin.
Arman gets a job in the company for creation of audio and visual products: shooting and assembling of the celebration events. Some days later he causes the accidental deletion of all material, which his company has been working on. He is allowed for some days to find money in order to restore all material or indemnify the company for the losses.

At the Start
Golden Man Picture LLP
Produced by Maxim Akbarov.
Directed by Indar Dzhendzhubayev.
Written by Alexander Galtsev.
Askar and Kezhan are two friends grown up together in aul. The friends actively went in for sports. Upon graduation of school, when it was time to reach adulthood, Bekzhan got a favourable offer from the Federation of Track and Field Athletics: to move to Nur-Sultan and continue to be trained by the well coach. Moving to Nur-Sultan and the professional sports could help Bekzhan to earn a lot of money, which he needed to take care of his little sister Malika, who suffered the serious disease. Askar was cordially welcomed in Nur-Sultan, since he has a great potential in boxing. Living in Nur-Sultan and certain success had a different impact on the guys. Bekzhan was neck-deep in trainings, and Askar started to lead a dissipated life. However, the tragic accident changed the life of the friends, after that one of the characters had to supersede the friend, to dismiss the World Marathon Race Champion and take participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

Production Association Baiterek Production LLP
Produced by Anar Zhangaziyeva.
Directed by Damir Manabai.
Written by Damir Manabai, Akim Ashimov (Tarazi).
The lead character Burakhan Issakhayev is a movie producer. As a result of heart attack he appears in the hospital. In the hospital he meets the people, which step-by-step opening their minds to him become more and more closer until, suddenly even for Burakhan, they become the film characters, which he had in mind. This film is still composed of just some episodes, which represent a love story engaging love and jealousy, hate and murder. There are the trueborn and come by chance children. There is a so-called love triangle. And since the action takes place in the thirties of the last century, this love triangle being destroyed by the social storms, breakdown of style of life, fire of appanage wars could not survive certainly. Kulzham, his wife Assilya, her lover Seitnazar all die.

Central Production LLP
Produced by Dina Zhumabek.
Directed by Farkhat Sharipov.
Written by Farkhat Sharipov.
Hardcore is an acutely felt story about the Almaty teenagers’ life. It addresses the topic of drug dependence among the young people and tells about the relationship between the family, school and street in the young people developing. The film is based on the similarly-named novel by Zara Yesenman. Z. Yesenman for Hardcore Novel got a Grand Prix of VII International Creative Youth Festival ‘Shabyt’ in Literature nomination. The novel’s success is simple: it has been written in the apprehensible for young people format. In the meantime, Hardcore will be of use for parents, teachers, and law enforcement officers. This has been noted by all the participants of presentation.

Teaching Ademoka
Kazakhfilm named after Sh. Aimanov JSC
Produced by Almat Massalim.
Directed by Adilkhan Yerzhanov.
Written by Adilkhan Yerzhanov.
Ademoka is a migrant from the small Gipsy tribe - Lyuli, who illegally crossed the border of Kazakhstan. The father and mother make the girl to do that all in their community do: to beg. By chance, Ademoka sees Gone with the Wind from the middle of film in the strange house. Since then Ademoka wants to know everything about the cinema. She has a dream to create such films herself. But Ademoka will be 15 soon and she can neither write nor read. Her destiny is to marry the sheikh soon and beg in various cities with her children. And Ademoka makes decision to learn the language, reading and writing and to become a script-writer, even if she has to start school.

 Co-produced films

Kazakhfilm named after Sh. Aimanov JSC
Produced by Yerzhan Akhmetov.
Directed by Darezhan Omirbayev.
Written by Darezhan Omirbayev.
Co-produced by France. The story about the Poet devoted his life to wooing the Muse and looking for the reason for living. The ability to sympathize with, feel with, do good, show mercy was the prior criterion for the poet in assessment of the people and the leading idea of his entire writing. The main character is the Almaty poet of about forty years old working as an editor in the small Kazakh newspaper. He and his colleagues understand that their writing is less and less popular in the up-to-date, rational society, that the time of mass interest in the literature, books, and poetry become the thing of the past over time. This is of course a great private tragedy for these modest writers.

The Blind Love
Social Fund ‘Fund of Denis Ten’
Produced by Oksana Ten, Timur Bekmambetov, Igor Tsai, Zarina Nigmatulina, Anel Ualiyeva,Adam Kidman, James Smith.
Directed by Chuck Chae, Kanat Beisekeyev.
Written by Denis Ten
The first part of the film is based on the script previously written by the Honoured Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Denis Ten. The story begins with the common situation, when the online chatting evolves into the love of young hearts, but until you find out that she is deaf, and he is blind, and they both do not know how to confess about their diseases. The second part of the film is a documentary film about the story of creation of romantic drama will plunge the spectator in the process of the idea inception till its translation into action on the screen. The spectator will see the backstage shooting in Los Angeles, exclusive interviews with the film characters and people, who expended some efforts to this Project. The film made by Kanat Beisekeyev will deliver the sincere emotions and hard work done by all the team and remind the spectators that Denis Ten’s heritage is alive and continue to inspire us.

 Fiction films aimed at the general audience 

The Salvage in the Steppe
New World Production LLP (Kazakhstan), production studios Plano a Plano (Spain)
Produced by Zharaskhan Kulpiyevв, Aliya Dalabayeva, Benetis Caesar, Amare Emilio, Svetlana Korotenko.
Directed by Miguel Angel Vivas.
Written by Juan Carlos Keto, Rocio Martinez, Olzhas Zhanaidarov, Zharaskan Kulpiyenov, Aliya Dalabayeva, Assel Nazirova
Two Spanish soldiers, the republican and Falangist, are deported to the Soviet labour camp KarLAG near Karaganda. Two bitterest enemies because of their opposite ideologies contesting for the sympathy by the beauty German Helen, who appeared in the camp being very young girl and lived in the settlement with aksakal Amangeldy’s family. In the camp there was a talented artist publicist Kazakh Askar among the prisoners. One time he painted the picture on the back of Iosif Stalin’s portrait. He was a clear criticizer of the Soviet regime and often directly and openly addressed, reported about it in the camp and settlement. The well-read and educated Kazakh communicates with the prisoners, helps to find a common language, and narrates about the Kazakh culture. It is Askar, who helps to escape Martin and Santiago together with Helen and do not die in the steppe from cold and hunger. The prejudice, cold and death will make them all to unite and help each other to try to pull through the terrible fate.

Eurasia Film Prodution LLP
Produced by Gulnara Sarsenova.
Directed by Gulnara Sarsenova, Vahtang Hubutia.
Written by Sergey Kaluzhanov
This is a story about the Kazakh sergeant, patriot of his Motherland, Nartai Sapargaliyev, who by a twist of fate appeared in the German Democratic Republic in the middle of 90s along with his faithful companion ‘Tank Т-62’. The outstanding and eccentric character acquires friends in the alien land, works as an actor on the main square of Munich – Marienplatz and every now and again helps everybody he meets on his way showing the incredible bravery, acumen and sense of humour. Finally, protecting the Yugoslavian immigrants he goes into combat with the neo-fascist group and wins, which glory reaches even the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Offline Holidays -2
Astana Film Fund LLP
Produced by Akan Satayev.
Directed by Ernar Kurmashev.
Written by Alisher Utev
The regular new flow of children come to the Aul Camp, among which are the children from the first arrival, in particular: Ilyas and Arlan, who are now assisting the camp counsellors. Aul Camp is considered to be the best camp of the country and that’s why at the end of camp they have to take part in the state contest among the camps, where the в First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be present and personally reward the best. A little simple-hearted boy Arman is distinguished among the children, who constantly records all that’s happening with his voice recorder and tells that his father is a special agent, but not many people believe him and thinks that the boy just doesn’t have a father, that’s why Arman sets a goal to win the state contest in order the President proves his words in front of the people and the little boy is not laughed at anymore.

Debut films

A-Team IP
Produced by Diana Ashimova.
Directed by Aizhan Kassymbekova.
Written by Chingiz Yeskendirov, Malik Kassabekov, Aizhan Kassymbekova, Alibek Duissenbiyev
Tolik is an outstanding representative of middle-aged family man, a man, who got used to his fate, he lives in a routine way and try to provide for his family and just is dying of the series of domestic problems, endless debts, Kazakh weddings and funerals: all these require money. In one of such days he finds out that his minor daughter is pregnant. He is intending to know who is the father and wants to talk to him in a serious way about the vague future of his daughter and his further intentions. In the text effort to solve his daughter’s and financial problems he jumps into a risky project that hardly costs his friend’s life. He was doomed to failure beforehand, one failure follows another. After all misfortunes and circumstances fell to his lot, he finally understands what the sense of his life is and this understanding like a sparkle flames up a hope for life in his mind again.

 Documentary films 

Turkestan - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’
Usmanov IE
Produced by Vladimir Tyulkin, Husnimurat Usmanov.
Directed by Vladimir Tyulkin.
Written by Assiya Baigozhina.
The documentary film discover the past of our country through the story of excavations of the historical monument of Hoja Ahmet Ýasawiy in Turkestan. The film promotes for the careful and respectful attitude to our history, shows the scale and importance of the archaeological excavations in Turkestan and a bright future of the country through the history of creation of the ecological city symbolizing the country’s development.

The Return of the Teacher
Tanaris Production LLP
Produced by Sergey Azimov. Directed by Sergey Azimov.
Written by Sergey Azimov and Galimkair Mutanov
This film narrates about the hard return of Al-Farabi to the historical homeland in the Kazakh steppes... His artistic legacy is analysed by the filmmakers from the point of the most acute challenge of humankind – looking for a way to be happy. The release of the film is scheduled by 1150th  anniversary from the scientist’s birth. The expected event on celebration of Abu Nasra Al-Farabi’s anniversary will be held in 2020 under the auspices of UNESCO.