The lead character Burakhan Issakhayev is a movie producer. As a result of heart attack he appears in the hospital. In the hospital he meets the people, which step-by-step opening their minds to him become more and more closer until, suddenly even for Burakhan, they become the film characters, which he had in mind. This film is still composed of just some episodes, which represent a love story engaging love and jealousy, hate and murder. There are the trueborn and come by chance children. There is a so-called love triangle. And since the action takes place in the thirties of the last century, this love triangle being destroyed by the social storms, breakdown of style of life, fire of appanage wars could not survive certainly. Kulzham, his wife Assilya, her lover Seitnazar all die.

Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Damir MANABAI, Akim ASHIMOV(Tarazi)
Production Association Baiterek Production LLP