The Boxer

Serik Sapiyev is a two-time World Boxing Champion sitting in the looker-room, preparing and making up his mind for the most important fight in his life. Trying to labour, he is warming up and walking down memory lane how it all began. He revisits to his very childhood to Abai settlement, where his father brought him to the boxing section for the first time, his first fights, losses and wins. The hard work, the coach’s lessons always payoff: international wins, international recognition, his country’s great hopes, and his и own dream lead him to the only not won prize – the Olympic Gold. In 2008, he goes to Beijing in order to achieve his dream: to win the Olympic Gold. However, the inflated expectations, moral coercion, his own emotion play a dirty trick on him: he suffers a crushing defeat. Serik thinks over retiring from sports. But the belief and support of his close people, his dream still do not go out of his mind, and he returns for the only purpose: he shall win the Olympic Gold at any sacrifice. And after 4 years of more hard trainings, he is here and now preparing to try himself, his fate. Could he achieve his goal and dream?!

The roles
Smadiyar SABYROV
Directed by
Produced by
Svetlana NAM
Written by
Timur ZHAKSYLYKOV, Almira TURSYN (her pseudonym), Akhan SATAYEV
Satai film LLP