At the Start

Askar and Kezhan are two friends grown up together in aul. The friends actively went in for sports. Upon graduation of school, when it was time to reach adulthood, Bekzhan got a favourable offer from the Federation of Track and Field Athletics: to move to Nur-Sultan and continue to be trained by the well coach. Moving to Nur-Sultan and the professional sports could help Bekzhan to earn a lot of money, which he needed to take care of his little sister Malika, who suffered the serious disease. Askar was cordially welcomed in Nur-Sultan, since he has a great potential in boxing. Living in Nur-Sultan and certain success had a different impact on the guys. Bekzhan was neck-deep in trainings, and Askar started to lead a dissipated life. However, the tragic accident changed the life of the friends, after that one of the characters had to supersede the friend, to dismiss the World Marathon Race Champion and take participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Alexander GALTSEV
Golden Man Picture LLP