The State Center for Support of National Cinema was presented at the VIIIth Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

The St. Petersburg Forum organized by the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture and the Government of St. Petersburg historically attracts experts in culture from around the world such as outstanding producers and musicians, public persons, representatives of public authorities and entrepreneurship. The Forum has an extensive program that creates conditions for implementation of international projects and entering into cultural agreements. This year the Forum had been attended by Gulnara Sarsenova, Chairman of the Board of the State Center for Support of National Cinema, as well as Anna Kachko, Senior Advisor and Curator of the SCSNC International Strategy.

The Cinema Section was led by Fedor Bondarchuk, a famous Russian film director and producer. The main theme of the Section was the development of the film industry in the face of the globalization. “Today, the global movies and entertainment industry is on the unprecedented rise, and Hollywood is not its main driving force any more. The globalization of the movies economy focuses on the international box-office success and co-production, and the Netflix generation wants to watch even more diverse content and not necessarily in English,” the organizers of the Forum say.

At the Forum a roundtable discussion of the International Cooperation of Creative Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations was held; one of the speakers was Gulnara Sarsenova, Chairman of the Board of the SCSNC. The participants of the roundtable discussion had a unique opportunity to announce new international projects and discuss professional problems pertinent to the implementation of such projects.

-  In St. Petersburg the special attention of our filmmakers was focused on the Art of Production, G. Sarsenova says. How to produce and promote projects on the global stage? How to designate the audience, what kind of the needs the audience in different countries have? How to create successful international alliances and co-production strategies? These are questions that are of interest to leading producers, representatives of foundations and festivals today.

By the way, a business area speaker was Ms. Catherine Deventer, the Secretary-General of the European Association of Festivals, Co-director of “Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe”.

Another equally interesting course is the development of the modern animation industry. A number of events such as a panel discussion, a master class and a pitch session were organized to highlight this topic. Obviously, the animation today is one of the fastest growing creative industries. Every day a number of full-length animation movies that go to the box office grows. Without doubt, large companies are interested in dynamical production of the animated content. The moderator of that Section was Ms. Irina Mastusova, Executive Director of the Association of Animated Movies Organizations (Russia). Among the main speakers, there were partners of the State Center for Support of National Cinema, in particular, Mr.  Boris Mashkovtsev, Director of Soyuzmultfilm, and Yuri Moskvin, General Producer of Wizart Animation.

This year, the upcoming 75th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War was a special theme. As the Forum organizers emphasize, “The celebration of the Great Victory in the context of culture is not only a discussion of large-scale projects in literature, theater and cinema. This is the specification of new, internationally-based formats established at the junction of different cultural trends.”