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62 projects were selected in the 2022 contest. According to the order №201 by 22.07.2022 of the Acting Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, these projects will receive state financial support for production.

This decision based on the positive conclusion of the Expert Council and the recommendation of the Interdepartmental Commission on State financial support of national films.

Let us remind that 204 projects took part in the open pitch. As a result, 62 applications selected, including 18 full-length feature films, 19 documentaries, 17 short films and 8 animated films.  

The final list includes the following projects:

Socially significant films:

  1. Feature film «Avel» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  2. Feature film «Operatsia Nabat» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  3. Feature film «Oliara» (PP) (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  4. Short film «Luchnik» (LLP «Nomad Stunts»)
  5. Feature film «Berkut» (LLP «Terra Motors Astana»)
  6. Feature film «Gosti» (LLP «Golden Man Media»)
  7. Feature film «Nosorog» (LLP «Golden Man Media»)
  8. Feature film «Shu-La-Ma» (LLP «Golden Man Media»)
  9. Feature film «Soldat lubvi» (LLP «Medeor»)
  10. Feature film «Аromatnoe serdtse» (LLP «Alizhanfilm»)
  11. Feature film «Аikai» (LLP «M-build»)
  12. Feature film «Тezek» (LLP «SBA Enterprise»)
  13. Feature film «Talak» (LLP «SoftNet»)
  14. Short film «Metro» (IE «1201 Productions»)
  15. Feature film «Kara kyz» (LLP «PO Baiterek production»)
  16. Feature film «Zhel toktagan zher» (LLP «Ardfilm»)
  17. Documentary «Khranitel» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  18. Documentary «Sputnik» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  19. Documentary «Inohodets» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  20. Documentary «Lednik» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  21. Documentary « Zhel paida bolgan zher » (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  22. Documentary «Toi» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  23. Documentary «Pogovori so mnoi, Manshuk…» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  24. Documentary «Kinoletopis» (IE «Sirius»)
  25. Documentary «Pryaniki dlya ee otsa, moego pradeda, ee deda» (LLP «Uvent Production»)
  26. Documentary «Arkau-Ozok» (LLP«Centaurus Rustem Abdrashev production»)
  27. Documentary «Aul strategicheskogo znacheniya» (IE «Nusimbekov B. Sh.»)
  28. Documentary «Bibigul Tulegenova - liniya sudby» (PF “Obshchestvennyi natsionalnyi fond kultury “Miras”)
  29. Documentary «Еva. Batyr kyz» (LLP «Black and White Production»)
  30. Documentary «Molitva Leily» (IE «Prodiuserskyi tsentr S-Paritet-K »)
  31. Documentary «Velikyi kazakhskiy samoyed» (IE «Prodiuserskyi tsentr S-Paritet-K»)
  32. Documentary «Oshibka molodosti» (Shumerskaya boginya) (LLP « Studia Mergen »)
  33. Documentary «Kiin-Kerish» (LLP «Central Asia Production»)

Socially significant animated films:

  1. Animated film «Zhoshy» (LLP «Astana Film» zhastar kinostudiyasy»)
  2. Animated film «Buirabas» (LLP «Qaz new techno»)
  3. Animated film «Taikazan Hikayasy» (LLP «Sugur Film»)
  4. Animated film «Ashina. Legenda o nebesnyh volkah» (LLP «Dala Animation»)
  5. Animated film «Orkesh» (LLP «Aday Production»)
  6. Animated film «Almaly» (LLP «Kemel production»)
  7. Animated film «Derevo Amen aga» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)

Debut films:  

  1. Short film «Mereke» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)
  2. Short film «Vozmezdie» (LLP «Novate Films»)
  3. Animated film «Sauga» (LLP «Tynzhy»)
  4. Short film «Ake» (LLP «SheriFilm Production»)
  5. Short film «Klubnichnaya Princessa» (LLP «School 5 Experience»)
  6. Short film «Sabr» (LLP «AiN Entertainment»)
  7. Short film «Kyr basyndagy ekeu» (LLP «Studio Murat Makhan»)
  8. Short film «Anasy bar adamdar eshkashan kartaimaidy» (LLP «Artek plus»)
  9. Short film «Poncha» (LLP «Firma Kadam»)
  10. Short film «Prestupnik» (LLP « Firma Kadam »)
  11. Short film «Pugovicy» (IE «VТТ»)
  12. Short film «Sary omir» (LLP «Z Entertainment»)
  13. Short film «Dala korgaushysy» (LLP «Z Entertainment»)
  14. Documentary «Sokraty» (LLP «Art Advance»)
  15. Short film «Keshigip sokkan zhel» (LLP «AiN Entertainment»)
  16. Short film «Umit saulesi» (LLP «Dala Cinema)
  17. Feature film «Zashishennoe mesto» (LLP «Short Brothers»)
  18. Feature film «Povilikа» (LLP «Tanaris Production»)
  19. Feature film «Vse na mosly» (LLP «Render Films»)
  20. Short film «Kurt» (IE «Abdullina»)


  1. Documentary «Sny Reki» (LLP “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov”)

Feature films intended for a wide audience:

  1. Feature film «Almaty, ya lublu tebya!» (LLP «Black and White Production»)


Dear winners, our congratulations!

In the near future representatives of the Kazakhcinema will contact you.

For additional information:

+7 (727) 339 2893 (ext. 200) – office of the Kazakhcinema;

+7 707 130 8010 (Dana Yelubayeva, specialist of the Production department)

+7 707 125 7368 (Aigul Izmagambetova, specialist of the Production department).