Results of the First Cannes Online Film Market

From June 22 to 26, 2020, the first-ever Online Cannes film market Marche Du Film was held.

Of course, many participants in the Cannes Virtual Market 2020 did not have enough of the annual atmosphere of the Cannes Film Festival, but professionals noted that online work was incredibly effective. The strongest projects were presented in Cannes. Many transactions were made, thousands of meetings, presentations and negotiations were organized. Initially, few people understood what to expect from the new format of the event and the results can be assessed more likely as positive.

Variety Magazine quotes a 25-year-old Cannes movement veteran who buys films for numerous international territories: “Excellent projects were presented, the necessary hype was created around them and a lot of sales were made. Online work has been incredibly effective. No around between movie theaters and constant meetings. Everything is just a click away from the computer.”

The State Cinema Support Center took part in numerous events of the Cannes Film Market online in order to promote Kazakhstan as a location for filming, expand projects made in co-production and promote Kazakhstan films abroad. Meetings were held with Directors of the largest film markets: Cinemart (Rotterdam IFF), Berlinale Co-production Market (Berlin IFF), Cinelink (Sarajevo IFF), Connecting Cottbus (Cottbus IFF), When East meets West (Trieste IFF), Asian Film Markt (Busan MKF) and others; meetings with major European organizing producers: EAVE and ACE; State National Cinema Support Center took part in the daily Producer’s Network Events, in online seminars representing tax incentives in different countries, and also held a number of meetings with film organizations and producers from different countries. Especially for presentation at the Cannes Film Market, the Welcome to Kazakhstan online page was developed.

The film “Tomiris”, directed by Akan Satayev, was successfully presented from Kazakhstan in virtual Cannes. Film sales agents, the Canadian company Arclight, announced the sales of the film as part of the Cannes Marche du Film Online in the following international territories: France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Japan, the Middle East, South Korea and Singapore.

Kazakhstan Director Olga Korotko presented her full-length project “Para kozhanykh sabo” in Cannes, selected from hundreds of applications from around the world for the La Fabrique Cinéma du Monde program. La Fabrique Cinéma du Monde is a special program for young filmmakers, which helps Directors and Producers to develop their first and second films with professional consultants, holds meetings with representatives of the largest cinema funds, co-production markets and forums. Last year, the “Para kozhanykh sabo” project already received support from the Asian Film Foundation (AFF), and in February it took part in the Berlin Film Festival as part of a special script station development program Script Station.

Of course, in the current situation, when many countries in the world have not yet opened cinemas and film production has not yet fully recovered, distributors do not know when new projects can be filmed and presented to the public.

Large market players share that they are now working on the basis of the logic that the film business will return to its usual state in a year.