Pitching results shall be sent to the Interagency Commission

The second pitching of the State Center for the Support of National Cinema has been completed.

It is worth reminding that within 4 months, 223 applications received for the competition were considered. Having studied scenarios and other materials provided by the competitors, the Expert council allowed 88 projects to pitch.

Then, throughout the week, representatives of the film crews defended their projects before the Expert Council. Projects selected by the results of the pitching are now sent to the Interagency Commission, which approves the final list of films pretend to state funding.

Approximately, by the end of April it will become known which films will be nationwide supported.

We emphasize that the Interagency Commission focuses in its work, first of all, on respecting state interests, on identifying violations of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan in film projects, such as calls for extremism, the promotion of alcoholism and drug abuse, inciting ethnic and religious hatred, slander and insulting the individual. In addition, the Commission checks the projects for compliance with the requested budgets in order to exclude the facts of overstatement of production estimates.

It is worth reminding that the Interagency Commission includes the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, deputies of the Senate, the Mazhilis of the Parliament, Vice-ministers of information and social development, education and science, the Deputy Minister of foreign affairs and other high-ranking officials.

As already reported, of the projects allowed for the second pitching, there were feature films - 22, documentary films - 18, auteur films - 8, animations - 6, short motion films - 9, debut films - 14, international co-productions - 5, and films by the theme of “Abai” - 3, according to the competition of documentary films Alystagy agayn - 3.