Kazakh Cinema at the Berlinale -2020: Results

With EFM Film Market CEO Mathis Wouter Nol

The 70th Berlin Film Festival summed up its results and ended happily last weekend. The Kazakh Cinema stand finished it work together with it. It opened the way for Kazakhstan at one of the most prestigious film venues in the world.

Despite the fact that this year was the debut for the Cinema Center, the Kazakh delegation attracted the maximum attention from the international film community to the country.

Speech by Mathis Wouter Nol, EFM Film Market CEO on awarding the special prize “Best Film Commission of the Year”.

About 150 business meetings were held; half of them were tentatively agreed, however, after the successful presentation of “Kazakh Cinema. Your New Shooting Destination: Kazakhstan” within the framework of the special program European Film Market Landmark, those, wishing to discuss the possibilities of film production in Kazakhstan, has doubled.

Cinema Center International Division and CEO of EAVE Christina Trapp

Work was carried out in all directions - participation in festivals, promotion of Kazakhstan as a location for filming, search for partners for co-production, including in the field of animation, as well as partnership with the largest festival venues aimed at professional development of professionals.

Negotiations with Russian director Alexei Uchitel and producer Kira Saksaganskaya

Of course, the law “On Cinema” adopted last year was the main trump card of Kazakh Cinema, which is intended not only to simplify the work for Kazakhstani filmmakers and make our rental system transparent, but also to draw attention to Kazakhstan, as one of the most attractive film sets and venues in the world.

So, for example, after a meeting with the leadership of the Cinema Center, the chairman of the European Film Academy and producer of more than 150 projects Mike Downey gave the following comment:

- Incredible! The changes that I heard about at your presentation, such as the introduction of rebate and co-production conditions, made me seriously think about filming in Kazakhstan. I often shoot outside of Western Europe and now Kazakhstan will definitely appear on my filming map. It is also worth thinking about the cooperation between the Cinema Center and the European Film Academy, which I head.

the chairman of the European Film Academy Mike Downey

The Kazakh presentation also made a great impression on the director of the largest European Fund for the Support of Cinema Eurimage Roberto Olla:

- The new film financing system in Kazakhstan and especially the particular support for co-production makes the work of the Kazakhstan Film Fund absolutely transparent, and most importantly understandable for international producers. In my opinion, this is an important step that enters Kazakhstan immediately into the international film community.

director of the European Fund for the Support of Cinema Eurimage Roberto Olla

The main front of the Cinema Center was the traditional European Film Market Landmark. The debut of Kazakh Cinema inspired the director of Berlinale EFM, Mathis Wouter Nol:

- We are happy to host Kazakh Cinema at our EFM film market for the first time this year. It’s hard for me to believe how you managed to prepare in high quality in such a short time. In November, we met with Anna Kachko in Berlin and started the discussion, and in February you opened your stand. Congratulations! By the way, there were especially many visitors at your Kazakh Cinema venue within the framework of EFM - people are interested in Kazakhstan, as the film industry is becoming more transparent there.

With producer from China Li Zhu (at the right in the photo)

The work of Kazakh Cinema at major film venues such as the Berlin Film Festival is also aimed at promoting individual film projects.

So, CEO of the organization that promotes European cinema in the world - European Film Promotion (EFP), said the following:

- We annually organize the Shooting Stars event at the Berlin Film Festival, which promotes young actors. We are closely working with the European Association of Casting Directors and are pleased that this year, Nadin Tsoi, the casting director from Kazakhstan, entered it for the first time. New faces and talents are very interesting for European cinema, and you have such beautiful people! Good Luck!

CEO Sonja Heinen

In the near future we will talk in detail about a number of film projects that Kazakh Cinema representatives have been promoting at the Berlinale. And our delegation is returning to Kazakhstan, an analysis of the meetings held, agreements reached will be made here and a plan for further promotion of Kazakhstani cinema abroad will be published.