Dear Colleagues and Friends!
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In a little while we will welcome in a New Year of 2020. This holiday makes us feel like a winter fairy-tale, gives us home cosiness, love and hope for a merry and happy year.

I would like to wish your secret dreams come true on the New Year’s night. However, we should mind that the long-expected success and changes may be achieved by our own efforts and talents.

The expiring year has become a landmark for all Kazakhstani cinema sector. On January 3, Cinema Law endorsed by our Yelbasy has been adopted. We had been waiting for this law for many years, and now it is time for the significant changes.

Owing to the Cinema Law, the State Centre for Support of National Cinema aimed at the films bringing the spiritual, patriotic boost, representing Kazakhstan in its unique beauty, revealing the moral beauty of our people has been established.

Again, the Cinema Law provides for the fascinating privileges for the producers and providers of the national films. Owing to the upcoming introduction of the uniform automated information system, we will have a transparent cinema market. The launched rebate system offers us the real opportunity to enter the international market. A National Cinema Commission, which will join the International Association of the Cinema Commissions of the Developed Countries, will be established in Kazakhstan in the coming year. 

There had been no such largescale transformations in the Kazakhstani film industry yet! It will allow us to make the boldest hopes and dreams come true. We could achieve this aim only together, being the joint and strong team.

Let the New Year be happy for you: wealthy and prosperous, bright and outstanding, peaceful and successful!

I wish you and your friends every happiness and health!  

Gulnara Sarsenova

Chairman of the Board  

State Centre for Support of National Cinema