Kazakhstan’s film industry
Number of cinemas 101
Number of screens 372
Box office 21.2 billion KZT = $ 54.4 million USD
Admissions 19.9 million
Number of releases
in distribution
Number of national releases
in distribution

Like other countries of the former USSR, Kazakhstan has come a long way from the hardship of economic crisis during the early years of independence. This has also affected its cinema culture, with the restoration of the film market to a high technological level. Now the Republic of Kazakhstan is the third largest film market after the Russian Federation and Ukraine: 18,5 million people live in the country and go to the movies regularly. All commercial cinema venues are equipped with digital projection facilities. Starting from 2020, an electronic ticket system will be launched. On the whole, by the end of 2018 Kazakhstan had a total of 96 commercial cinemas with 320 screens. The opening of shopping malls in the Republic means the growth of cinema chains will continue in the coming years.