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Compliance service

Corruption is a complex and multifaceted problem, the counteraction of which must be carried out in a comprehensive and coordinated.

In order to apply the best practices of corporate governance, in The State Centre for Support of National Cinema has been introduced and implemented the compliance control function, the purpose of which is compliance risk management. 

Anti-corruption project “The space of integrity”

In 2018, the Anti-corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with interested state bodies, initiated and launched the nationwide anti-corruption project “The space of integrity”.

The main goal of the project is to minimize corruption. To achieve it, work is being carried out to increase the openness, transparency, accountability of state bodies and the formation of a culture of integrity in society.

According to the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, anti-corruption transformation and integrity in the conduct of business should become an unshakable standard for all. This is also evidenced by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed by the Head of State at the end of 2020 “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on anti-corruption”.   

According to this document, structural units performing the functions of anti-corruption compliance services should be identified in the quasi-public sector entities, the practice of which is widely developed in the corporate sector at the international level.

What is a compliance service?

The main mission of anti-corruption compliance services is to ensure that the organization and its employees comply with anti-corruption legislation.

Compliance services are independent units in organizations that have an official status, the right of access to all necessary information, the right to conduct internal investigations into potential violations with the involvement of the necessary experts in the field of compliance control.

Moreover, employees of anti-corruption compliance services should have direct access to a collegial body to express their opinions and transmit information regarding violations obtained in the process of controlling the risks themselves.

Thus, anti-corruption compliance services are practically the Agency's commissioners on the ground, who interact with all categories of regulatory and supervisory authorities, ensuring the successful implementation of a multi-level anti-corruption system.

Compliance service of “SCSNC”

As part of the implementation of the amendments made to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On combating corruption”, a Working Group on the development of Anti-Corruption Measures (ACWG) has been formed in the SCSNC, which is entrusted with the functions of the anti-corruption compliance service.  The ACWG includes experienced workers, specialists in the field of film production, law, financial and economic issues.

The competence of the ACWG includes the implementation of internal control over the compliance of the activities of the SCSNC with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the development of anti-corruption measures, the improvement of internal documentation, preventive and educational work in the team in order to form an anti-corruption culture, create a favorable environment for the promotion of integrity values, the application of best corporate governance practices.

Head of the ACWG  – Kanat Torebay.

Compliance Officer – Bakytzhan Jokebayev.

We ask you to inform us about all facts of corruption and fraud among officials and staff of the SCSNC, violations on their part of the norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including regulatory legal acts of authorized state bodies, internal regulatory documents of the company by e-mail or +7 707 974 0323  

Confidentiality of the request is guaranteed.